News outlets mislabeled constitutional and government transparency rally as “Million Muslim March”

Adan Salazar
Sept. 12, 2013

Yesterday’s protest at the National Mall in Washington D.C. was not only aimed at seeking freedom from persecution for American Muslims.

According to reports, less than 100 people showed up for the 'Million American March Against Fear.' / credit: Wikimedia Commons
According to reports, less than 30 people showed up for the ‘Million American March Against Fear.’ / credit: Wikimedia Commons
It was supposed to have morphed into what organizers hoped would be a sizeable protest condemning the hysteria of fear promoted and seized upon by the federal government in the years after 9/11, as well as the lack of transparency regarding the World Trade Center attacks.

Organizers of what was erroneously billed by scores of media outlets yesterday as the “Million Muslim March” had actually nixed that title back in February.

The rally’s organizers dropped the “Muslim” part and renamed the rally the “Million American March Against Fear” in order to include supporters of the 9/11 truth movement, as well as other Americans who are “generous, tolerant, and committed to American ideals of religious freedom.”

“Since 9/11, Americans have been terrorized by the media. They have been taught to fear their neighbors. They have been inculcated with fear of other religions. They have been brainwashed into fearing people with brown skins, turbans, and foreign accents,” the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) wrote on their rally page.

“FBI statistics prove that Americans are far more likely to drown in their bathtubs, or be hit by lightning, than to be killed by terrorists of any kind. And Muslims commit only 6% of terrorist attacks in the US – fewer than are committed by radical Jews, and vastly fewer than those perpetrated by leftists and hispanics,” AMPAC points out.

“It is only a certain faction of American elites who have hijacked the nation and turned it away from its Constitution.”

The fact that numerous media outlets still insisted on referring to the rally as the “Million Muslim March” more than 7 months after the name change irritated the rally’s Chief of Operations, Isa Hodge.

“We, as Muslims . . . are for the Constitution, the preservation of the Constitution, and the freedoms and the civil liberties,” Hodge said, according to the Washington Post.

Motorcyclists were blissfully unaware of the masterfully executed divide and conquer tactic.
Motorcyclists were blissfully unaware of the masterfully executed divide and conquer tactic.
Last month, Hodge told USA News and World Report the media was “focusing on what it was [called] before February to continue the misinformation and fear that we’re trying to stop,” adding, “It’s more sensational if they can put out there that it’s just Muslims going to dance on the graves of the 3,000 souls that were lost that day. That’s not what we’re doing.”

Back in July, Hodge explained AMPAC wanted to hold the Obama administration accountable “for his empty promises of creating a transparent government,” according to US News and World Report.

“What exactly have we spent all our money, lost lives and taken lives for? The entire record of the 9/11 Commission has never been released,” Hodge said.

Several prominent 9/11 truth coalitions were set to take part in the protests, including the DC Area 9/11 Truth Movement and the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Movement.

MANDAA, the Movement Against the National Defense Authorization Act, and The March Against Drones (MAD) were also scheduled to join the rallies.

Of course only a handful of media outlets actually referred to the protest by its actual name, and fewer still gave the reasoning behind its name change.

Instead we were led to believe Muslims were holding a protest to dance on the graves of the 2,800 people killed in the most vicious false flag attack in U.S. History.

The motorcyclists who took part in the 2 million biker convey were also confused and misled, with at least one biker believing Muslims should have no right to practice their religion.

“We’re just regular, God-fearing, Bible-believing, patriotic, red-blooded Americans,” an L.A. biker told the Post, while reportedly flying banners that read, “You Need Jesus” and “Repent of Your Wicked Heart of Unbelief.”

“I think every Christian should be offended that they want to have a rally on 9/11,” the biker said, further underscoring his intolerance by stating, “We’re here to promote Jesus Christ as the answer to that bloody religion.”

Had the motorcyclists been aware this was merely one more masterfully executed divide and conquer tactic, the unified protests that might have ensued would truly have been a force to be reckoned with.

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