Media Matters has leveled yet another false claim of white supremacy against Infowars.

In a tweet on June 12, 2018, Cristina Lopez G. of Media Matters accused Infowars of acting as a forum for white supremacists.

The tweet contains a link to an article which includes a clip from the War Room in which Infowars’ Jake Lloyd interviews Nick Fuentes.

In addition to Lopez’s defamatory remarks, the article she links to (written by Media Matters staff) labels Fuentes as “alt-right,” a label he has explicitly rejected.

Despite the gravity of these statements, neither Media Matters nor Lopez can prove the veracity of their allegations.

It seems that instead of providing substantial evidence, Lopez takes for granted that her audience already believes that Infowars, and by extension Jake Lloyd, are racist.

The only “evidence” Lopez produces to prove that Fuentes is a white supremacist contains a tweet in which he states that his “father is Mexican, mom is Italian.”

It takes only a brief look at Lopez’s author page to see that it’s not uncharacteristic of her to haphazardly label anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders as a “white supremacist” or a “neo-nazi.”

It is also no secret that the Soros-funded Media Matters regularly slanders anyone that does not accept the forced importation of hostile migrants.

This article is the latest in a long stream of hit-pieces written by the mainstream media in an attempt to punish Infowars for exposing the truths that legacy media has attempted to bury.



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