The mainstream media descended into a rage when My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell announced during the daily White House corona task force briefing that he has repurposed his factories to produce tens of thousands of surgical face masks for medial workers.

Lindell was one of several CEOs to join the coronavirus task force briefing on Monday to announce that his factories have begun producing 10,000 face masks a day with plans to ramp up production to over 50,000 a day.

But talking heads and “journalists” from The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and others exploded in outrage that Lindell, a Trump supporter and Christian, would dare invoke God and offer his expertise to help during this unprecedented crisis.

Thankfully, many on Twitter saw through the feigned outrage.

Rather than celebrate this example of the private sector stepping up in this hour of need for the nation, the media is more focused on bashing anybody aligned with the Trump administration or its effort to help the American people.

In another example, the media demonized President Trump for promoting hydroxychloroquine as a potential remedy for combating the coronavirus before the FDA quickly approved of the drug for emergency treatment on Monday.




A collection of MSM talking heads and leftist idols that are wishing for a recession and more corona-virus deaths so Trump can be voted out of office.

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