The mainstream media once again proved Monday that it is hellbent on depicting Donald Trump as a bumbling fool, with some even bragging about getting ‘revenge’ on the President by doing so.

The latest example comes as Trump found himself part of a group handshake with other leaders, while in Asia, momentarily not realizing what was taking place.

Despite the entirely innocuous incident, the media played it up, suggesting that the President was ‘grimacing’ or looking disgusted with what was happening.

The Washington Post wrote:

“In ways both subtle and stark, Trump’s awkward grimace reveals the messy reality of high-stakes geopolitics that an airbrushed official portrait of the ASEAN “family” would gloss over.”

“Just take a look down the line of leaders and their expressions…Maybe we’re reading too much into all of it, but photos like these can help remind us that there are different motivations and different levels of comfort on the world stage at play behind the scenes.” the piece continued.

Yet other frames and video of the incident show that was not the case:

The Washington Post also suggested that the photographer, Doug Mills, who protested White House restrictions on access was getting ‘revenge’ by posting the photo:

More media hacks jumped on board:

Yet more evidence of mass Trump Derangement Syndrome in action.

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