The media for weeks has been throwing a fit over President Trump touting “unproven,” potentially “deadly” hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for coronavirus but they’ve been hyping the clear and present danger of America not having enough ventilators without ever questioning their effectiveness.

It turns out ventilators appear to be killing coronavirus patients en masse.

AP: “Some doctors moving away from ventilators for virus patients”

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, an ER and critical care doctor from New York City, concluded that ventilators were doing more harm than good over a week ago and suggested oxygen as a superior treatment:

The Italians have reportedly come to a similar conclusion.

Through the Bill Gates Foundation and their loyalists, the New World Order has taken the reigns of government from president Trump

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who many speculated may have to be put on a ventilator, was in fact given oxygen. His condition is reportedly improving.

The US has ordered tons of ventilators, which can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000.

Meanwhile, many of the ones we have are not even being used:

Watch these clips Tucker Carlson highlighted on Wednesday showing media outlets panicking over the dangers of chloroquine:

How many panicked news reports were done on the potential dangers of ventilators killing people?

I know there were tons of reports praising Andrew Cuomo playing up New York City’s alleged need for 30,000 ventilators but I don’t remember seeing a single report on the dangers of ventilators (which have been well established).

It’s looking like the overuse of ventilators could be the biggest mistake of the entire coronavirus crisis — but don’t expect Cuomo or the media to admit it any time soon.

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