Over the weekend, the President re-tweeted a funny video that someone had made online depicting Trump teeing off at a golf match, then splicing in footage of Hillary Clinton being ‘hit’ by a golf ball and falling over.

Is that presidential? Probably not. But does it deserve multiple frothing headlines and analysis on news broadcasts? No. But that’s exactly what happened.

CNN, the mother of all fake news channels had THREE separate stories on the ‘development’ on the home page of their website:


Meanwhile, The Huffington Post declared the tweet to be ‘violent’:

And ABC’s George Stephanopoulos wondered during his broadcast weather the tweet diminishes Trump’s legitimacy:

“Maybe it’s not surprising,” Stephanopoulos said. “Kind of an alarming tweet right there. Does it make you question how real this outreach to Democrats was this week?” Stephanopoulos asked his guest Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.)

Schiff said it is “distressing” that Trump used his Twitter account for “juvenile” ends.

“It doesn’t help, I think, in terms of his stature,” Schiff said. “It doesn’t help in terms of the stature of our whole country, so that’s a wholly separate issue.”


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