Shortly after the cop in NJ said he didn’t need to follow Constitution, the militarized police response to events in Missouri showed us what happens when police are trained to ignore the law and the Constitution.

But what about those who believe the Constitution is there to protect all citizens — including themselves?

Earlier this year a small town police chief on his way to a CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association) convention where law enforcement is educated about how vital it is for EVERYONE, including them, to follow the law and Constitution got into a verbal altercation with a TSA officer who threatened to get him fired. He made good on the threat, shutting down the entire police force

Now they’ve indicted the former police chief for criminal charges that many feel have no basis and believe, like the indictment of Gov Perry, have ulterior motives.

Watch David’s earlier report below, describing what happens to honest cops in corrupted environments:

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