Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
March 1, 2012

The global infowar is intensifying. The minds of men and women are awakening worldwide. The truth that the 9/11 terror attacks were committed by the shadow totalitarian governments in Israel and the United States is reaching global critical mass.

But as night falls, the armies of propaganda in the world press are once again advancing on the global information battlefield with the goal to brainwash the global public of a “looming threat” to the international system.

In 2002, it was Iraq. This time the target is Iran. NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, PBS, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Time Magazine are all lining up their troops to wage a info-military assault on the American public mind in preparation for a U.S.-Israeli-Saudi preemptive strike on Iran.

But Iran is not Iraq, and 2012 is not 2002. The dynamics of the global information battlefield have changed considerably in a decade. Global info-warriors have planted mines of truth on the route to war with Iran. The global alternative media is countering military propaganda from Washington, London, and Tel Aviv with fact-based reports and analysis.

At, Glenn Greenwald delivered a serious blow against the military-industrial complex and its media allies in an article called, “Gen. McCaffrey privately briefs NBC execs on war with Iran.” Highlighted in the article is a PowerPoint presentation called, “Iran, Nukes & Oil: The Gulf Confrontation,” that was given by McCaffrey to his info-lapdogs at NBC on January 12, 2012.

In the presentation, McCaffrey repeats standard propaganda and baseless talking points about the “Iranian nuclear threat,” and why Israel will be forced to act preemptively to defend itself from a second Holocaust. Here are two essential points from the fact-free presentation:

  • “The Israelis lack any credible conventional military power to counter the Iranian nuclear threat. Their forced option would be pre-emptive nuclear strike.”
  • “There is a significant chance of Iranian miscalculation resulting in major military confrontation in the Gulf in the coming 12 months.”

With the first point, McCaffrey is suggesting three things. 1) Israel does not have the sufficient military power to deal a decisive blow to Iran’s nuclear program, so America must take the lead and do it right. 2) There is an Iranian nuclear threat, which is a big lie, because it has not been proven by America, Israel, and the IAEA that Iran is building a nuclear weapon. And 3) Israel is not acting as a criminal aggressor and terrorist state, but as a moral defender whose national security and people are under the constant threat of a second Holocaust from a nuclear Iran. This is also a big lie.

With the second point, McCaffrey totally spins reality on its head in order to blame Iran for an upcoming, full-scale war. Iran defending itself from Israeli and American aggression is misrepresented as “Iranian miscalculation.” That’s like Al-Qaeda saying America miscalculated by going to war in Afghanistan to avenge the victims of the September 11 attacks.

The reality that Iran is a victim of U.S.-Israeli terrorism and aggression is suppressed totally by the Western media.

McCaffrey and other Pentagon Generals find it easier to suppress the truth than face the reality of U.S.-Israeli terrorism because their own lives are on the line. They are war criminals who want to take over the world in order to escape punishment for their war crimes and crimes against humanity. They deal in lies and falsehoods everyday of their lives, so it is completely natural for them to lie about the Iranian threat to Israel and America.

Greenwald and are doing heroic work by exposing NBC’s propaganda warfare strategy against the American people, which is led by the Pentagon.

In response to Greenwald’s article, the desperate propagandists at NBC responded: “The Salon piece is a woefully inaccurate, ignorant, insulting depiction of our editorial process.” This is a poor attempt by NBC’s info-terrorists to save face, and pretend that hosting war criminals in their editorial boardrooms is proper public etiquette.

Greenwald responded to NBC, saying that, “despite its opening flurry of accusations, NBC does not even purport to identify a single inaccuracy in any thing I reported. Replies like this one — that are long on screeching invective and short on any identified inaccuracies — do more to bolster the validity of the original article than anything else could.”

The only hope we have of stopping the war-crazed maniacs in Tel Aviv, London, and Washington is educating the global general public that Iran is not a threat to Israel, America, and the world, and that a war against Iran is completely unnecessary, inhumane, barbaric, and criminal.

The global establishment media is doing everything it can to misinform and frighten people about Iran. Now is the time for the global alternative media and the Internet Generation to come up big and educate the world about 9/11 truth, the false war on terror, and the exaggerated Iranian threat. We must work ten times harder to disprove the fear-based narratives and propaganda lies that are pumped out daily about Iran by NBC and the presstitute media.

The path of truth, justice, fairness, and righteousness will lead to mankind’s salvation and liberation during this global political, economic, military, and spiritual crisis.

Representative Press: The Danger of Allowing Status Quo Media to Dominate Our Discourse

Posted by Saman Mohammadi at 8:11 PM

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