The hyperventilating anti-Trump media officially jumped the shark today.

Mediate found something potentially sinister in a candid moment when President Trump surprised a group of tourists taking the first tour of the White House since it has reopened to visitors.

As a group from Alabama’s Briarwood Christian School were on the basement level of the White House, the president appeared from behind a privacy screen, to the shrieks and applause from the school group.

Trump motioned for one of the students — a 10-year-old — to stand with him for a photo.

The boy flashed an “OK” sign while the president stood with his hands on the young man’s shoulders.

Here’s the innocent (in the eyes of normal people) moment:

But Mediate is speculating that the boy could have actually been flashing the “racist” hand gesture associated with “Pepe,” the cartoon frog associated with the “alt-right.”

From Mediaite:

Things stayed pretty on script as Trump invited a 10-year-old to pose with him for the cameras. The touching moment was captured in a brief video posted to CSPAN, which ultimately made its way to their Twitter account.

Largely unnoticed, however, was a curious hand gesture made by the 10-year-old toward the end of the footage. In a simpler time, the gesture could have been written off as an “ok” symbol… but not today. The hand movement bears a striking similarity to one that has often been made by the ultimate Trump meme warrior, Pepe the Frog.

The animated frog reached near mythical status during the 2016 campaign, earning a special condemnation from Hillary Clinton and hate symbol status from the Anti-Defamation League.

Mediaite points out Media Matters — yes, Media Matters — said the gesture was a “hand signal associated with the racist ‘Pepe’ meme.”


It’s currently 68° in Washington, DC, Mediate. Go get some fresh air.

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