Kurt Nimmo
August 15, 2011

photoFormer Democrat turned neocon, Michael Medved.

Michael Medved, the son of a defense contractor scientist and former Democrat speech writer turned neocon talk show host, has penned a blog at the “conservative” website Townhall taking Ron Paul to task for his comments on Iran.

Here’s Medved’s post:

Imagine the Republican outrage if a prominent Democrat became an apologist for Iran and its terrorist-backing, America-hating, theocracy, endorsing their drive for nuclear weapons and blaming the United States for strained relations. The GOP must display when one of their own presidential contenders, Ron Paul, takes these irresponsible positions in a televised debate in Iowa. Congressman Paul said Iran represented no danger to the US, he opposed economic sanctions against the Mullahs, and called it “natural that they might want a (nuclear) weapon.” Despite his strong showing in the Iowa straw poll, such statements demonstrate Ron Paul’s total inability to build a coalition to win the presidency. National security issues still matter to most Americans and his pro-Iranian fulminations, like his crackpot condemnation of the successful strike against bin Laden, place him far outside the GOP – and American – mainstream.

Medved has revealed a not so hidden truth about the presidency – candidates have to be unabashed warmongers in order to qualify for the job. This attributes applies to both Republicans and Democrats (since there is basically no difference between them).

Last week, Ron Paul gave his establishment counterparts at the dog and pony show GOP debate a history lesson on Iran and – as Medved’s screed reveals – this outraged the neocons.

Ron Paul, of course, is not “pro-Iranian,” as Medved ludicrously states. He believes that the United States should mind its own business and not bomb other nations back to the Stone Age or engage in Stalin or Mao level mass murder, as both Clinton and Bush did in Iraq (Clinton by imposing sanctions, Bush by outright invasion and slaughter).

In his farewell speech, George Washington advised non-interference in the affairs of other nations, but this doctrine has since been lost. For Medved and the neocons, the philosophy of the founders is “crackpot” and “far outside the GOP – and American – mainstream.” In Medved’s world, Americans are blood-thirsty psychopaths unable to rest until they bomb every small defenseless nation on the planet, especially if they are ruled by Arab (Gaddafi, al-Assad) or Muslim (Ahmadinejad, the Iranian mullahs) rulers.

Ron Paul finished at the top of the Iowa straw poll because millions of Americans are sick and tired of neocons like Medved running the foreign policy of the United States.

It’s true Ron Paul is “far outside the GOP,” but not the American mainstream, as the former Democrat claims. Both parties are pro-mass murder parties because the ruling elite is addicted to the psychosis on bunker-busters, depleted uranium, and hellfire drones.

Hopefully, on the day after Ron Paul wins the election, Michael Medved will go back to writing movie reviews for British television shows.

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