The Associated Press
May 13, 2008

SAN ANTONIO – Removing children from a polygamist sect’s West Texas ranch was unnecessary and traumatizing, several mental health workers sent to aid the families wrote.

In a set of unsigned written reports, workers with Hill Country Community Mental Health-Mental Retardation Center said that the Child Protective Services investigation of suspected child abuse and its decision to ask for state custody of all 464 children punished mothers who appeared to be good parents of healthy, emotionally normal kids, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

“The mothers are incredibly loving and patient with the children. The children were well-socialized and well-behaved and interacted willingly and happily with us,” one wrote.

Another wrote: “The children were sweet and well-mannered upon our arrival. They obeyed their mothers and appeared to be healthy and well-nourished. They had none of the traditional withdrawal common in abused children.”

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