The mass molestation of dozens of German women by Arab and North African men in Cologne and other cities on New Years Eve has served to throw fresh spotlight on comments made by Angela Merkel in 2011 when she said that Germans would “have to accept” the fact that migrants will commit more crimes.

Commenting on concerns about high crime rates attributed to migrants, Merkel stated, “We have to accept that the number of crimes committed by young migrants is especially high.”

Five years ago Merkel vowed to “guarantee the safety (of Germans) in all public areas” and institute a “zero tolerance (policy) towards violence,” a promise that fell woefully short last week when up to a thousand migrants went on a sexual assault rampage that targeted dozens of women.

The attacks in Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg and other areas were not in isolation. Since Merkel opened Germany’s borders to a flood of “refugees,” rapes in and around migrant camps have exploded.

Merkel’s comments are of a similar nature to remarks made by Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker, who was widely derided for implying some of the blame fell at the feet of the victims and that German women should follow a “code of conduct” to include keeping potential rapists “at arms length”.

Meanwhile, regressive leftists continue to make equally inane comments in an effort to avoid acknowledging that the west is importing a real rape culture via the migrant red carpet.

Forbes journalist Frances Coppola even went so far as to suggest that anti-immigration Germans had conspired to organize the attacks as a means of forcing Merkel to close the borders.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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