Nelson Balido
May 1, 2013

When the Obama administration looks at our border with Mexico, does it see dollar signs? At least that’s what the president’s Fiscal Year 2014 budget says with the border tax it’s considering.

I was reviewing the president’s budget and, buried deep in the section relating to the Department of Homeland Security, there is language directing the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection to carry out a study of the potential impacts of collecting a border crossing fee on pedestrians and private vehicles at our country’s land borders.

Just because the government has fallen behind during the past four years to fund our nation’s ports of entries in with up-to-date technology or better infrastructure does not mean that it should now study the collection of a tax to fund those endeavors. Why else would the president want to study this? And for much of the border there are already tolls being collected by municipalities and port authorities for every crossing — what this would mean is a tax on top of the existing toll, or a fee where there is no fee in exchange for who-knows-what.

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