The Mexican government said it was disappointed with Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signing a new law strengthening border security.

In a Spanish-language statement from Mexico’s Foreign Ministry, the government “regrets” Abbott’s decision to enact HB11, a $800 million “comprehensive” border security legislation that includes the hiring of 250 additional border troopers.

According to the Mexican government, Texas authorities will replace the U.S. National Guard with troopers trained by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) of Texas. In addition, Mexican officials believe the legislation promotes a “division” between both societies and contradicts the principles and values of the U.S. and Mexico’s bilateral relationship.

“Mexico has expressed full opening for a frank and direct dialogue with the government of Texas on border security from a holistic perspective that allows direct resources towards the consolidation of a safe, efficient and competitive border to facilitate the legitimate flow of goods and people and to promote prosperity and development on both sides of the border,” the Mexican Foreign Ministry stated.

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