September 17, 2008

Mexico’s president called for an end to a culture of “impunity and tolerance” of crime Wednesday after suspected drug traffickers killed seven people in a grenade attack during independence day celebrations.

Two almost simultaneous grenade attacks ripped through the crowded center of the colonial town of Morelia Monday night during a national holiday. Authorities pinned the blame on powerful drug cartels turning to increasingly violent methods.

“This is the moment to put a full stop to the culture of tolerance, to complicity and impunity for crimes. I hope that every Mexican joins the struggle against these enemies of the state,” President Felipe Calderon said in a speech.

“It is a mistake to assume that tolerating them we can live in peace,” he said before heading to Morelia to visit those injured in the attack.

Authorities revised the death toll to seven, from eight previously. Dozens of people, including several children, remained hospitalized with burns and fractures.

The governor of the western state of Michoacan, where the attack took place, blamed drug gangs for the attack.

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