It wasn’t “The Matrix” and although Officer Brad Gentry is no Keanu Reeves, he sure has moves like Neo, with dash cam footage to back up that claim.

Gentry was initiating a traffic stop in Battle Creek, Michigan, Saturday afternoon when he approached the car and said, “What’s up, man” to the driver, 21-year-old Darriyon Zamone Clark-Brown. Almost instantaneously, Clark-Brown opens fire on the officer, narrowly missing him as Gentry leans back to avoid being shot. Clark-Brown then sped away, as Gentry returned fire.

Following a brief pursuit which involved several more officers, Clark-Brown attempted to hide out as his mother’s home and became involved in an hours-long standoff with the police. Eventually, Clark-Brown was taken into custody after being bitten by a K-9.

Authorities say they are still unsure why Clark-Brown shot at Gentry, who other than being temporarily deafened, was otherwise okay.

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