Miami Beach Police officers were previously mandated to be tazered as part of their training, but one South Florida Police Chief is putting an end to the mandate and several city commissioners do not agree with the change.

City of Miami Police and the Broward’s Sheriff’s Office still mandate new officers to be tazered during their training with the gun. However, Miami Beach Police Chief Daniel Oates is changing the policy, stating it was the compassionate action to take.

In a memo released Wednesday morning to officers from Oates, he stated in part, “I learned this morning that our department has a long-standing practice that before any member can qualify to carry a Taser on patrol, he/she must first be shocked by the weapon in training. I don’t agree with this rule. I have been shocked by the Taser, and it is extremely unpleasant. I don’t believe an officer needs to go through that experience in order to be well trained in how to use the weapon.”

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