App-based transportation services Uber and Lyft should be fined and not allowed to continue servicing Miami because their drivers are unlicensed, a class claims in court.

Christopher Davis, CEO of Professional Chauffeur Transportation Services, sued Miami-Dade County, Fla., Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc. in Miami-Dade County Court, on behalf of all for-hire transportation companies in the county and the public at large.

He says their drivers are not in compliance with local ordinances and regulations. Under Miami-Dade County code, public transportation companies need chauffeurs registrations for each driver, licenses, vehicle inspections, liability insurance, background checks and “adherence to established payment rates,” according to the complaint.

“The defendants Uber and Lyft are rogue companies that are operating ‘for hire transportation services’ by the use of a telephonic app system by which they direct unlicensed drivers who are operating their own unmarked personal vehicles to pick up fares for delivery to specific destinations including but not limited to the Miami International Airport and the Miami Port Authority aka PortMiami,” the lawsuit states.

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