So-called “creepy porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti has been arrested after allegedly beating his wife, leading to questions as to whether or not CNN & MSNBC will disavow the ardent Trump critic with Avenatti having appeared on both networks over a hundred times combined.

“Law enforcement sources say Avenatti was arrested Wednesday after his estranged wife filed a felony DV report. We’re told her face was “swollen and bruised,” reports TMZ.

The woman ran out of an apartment building screaming, “I can’t believe you did this to me,” according to eyewitnesses.

Avenatti showed up 5 minutes later saying, “She hit me first….this is bullshit, this is fucking bullshit,” according to the report.

According to law enforcement sources, Avenatti “kicked her out of the apartment” and that’s when the alleged domestic violence occurred.

Avenatti was subsequently arrested and is currently in custody.

As soon as the news broke, questions began to be asked as to whether CNN and MSNBC would disavow Avenatti given that both networks have served as de facto mouthpieces for his crusade against President Trump throughout the year.

A study by the Washington Free Beacon found that Avenatti had appeared on CNN and MSNBC a combined total of 108 times since March. He has also been given a platform by NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today” and “Today,” ABC’s “The View” and “Good Morning America,” HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” and CBS’s “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and “60 Minutes.”

The combined value of all Avenatti’s “earned media” amounts to $174,631,598.07 according to the study.

The lawyer for Stormy Daniels and Brett Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick was also pictured partying with CNN employees earlier this year.

Perhaps the biggest irony arising out of all this is that Avenatti – championed by the media (and himself) as a courageous advocate for abused women – turns out to be an alleged abuser of women.

Just weeks ago, Avenatti tweeted, “Let me be clear: I have consistently called on white males like me to step, take responsibility, and be a part of stoping the sexism and bigotry that other white males engage in. It is especially important for them to call out other white males. I make this pt in my speeches.”

Is there a single tweet is existence that has aged worse?


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Breaking! Avenatti Arrested For Domestic Abuse

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