Kurt Nimmo
January 24, 2013

In order to sell his anti-Second Amendment campaign, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg must convince citizens – and the nation at large – that disarmament leads to lower crime rates.

“In his nationwide effort for tighter gun control, Mayor Michael Bloomberg attributes historic crime lows in New York to strict gun laws that are strictly enforced,” reports the Associated Press.

The AP lines up several “experts” who argue that taking away firearms from law-abiding citizens and Bloomberg’s widespread violation of the Fourth Amendment through stop-and-frisk have reduced crime in New York City.

The AP and Bloomberg’s apologists, however, are not looking very closely at crime statistics.

In 2012, New York City crime went up by more than 4 percent over the previous year, the Village Voice reported in October. “Although the homicide rate continues to drop – it’s down 16 percent so far this year – a series of other crime indicators shows the opposite.”

“That jump in the citywide crime rate has continued through the sixth week of the year, up over 5 percent so far, with thefts and robbery accounting for the increase,” the newspaper reported in February. “Robberies, burglaries and grand larceny are all up 10 percent citywide.”

In mid-2011, the city experienced a spike in burglaries and grand larcenies despite the police trumpeting lower crime rates. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why theft is on the rise in the Big Apple – criminals do not fear a disarmed public.

The NYPD is adding to Bloomberg’s twilight zone version of life in New York City by skewing crime stats. “In recent years, the integrity of the Police Department’s crime statistics has been questioned as accounts emerge by officers who say they are being pressured by their bosses to reduce the number of felony incidents reported,” the New York Times reported in September. “In interviews, numerous police officers and supervisors said that in order to keep reported crimes low, the police do seek out opportunities to ‘downgrade’ crimes, classifying as misdemeanors crimes that could, and often should, be classified as felonies.”

Cops in New York like to monkey with the books to shine up their reputation and fool the unsuspecting into thinking the city is something other than it really is. Because of “the way major crimes are counted in New York — lumping violent crimes in with far larger numbers of property theft complaints, including the largest category, grand larceny — police officials could say that overall crime was down 1.3 percent. Without a substantial decrease in grand larcenies this year, however, the city would show an increase in overall crime,” the New York Times reported in November, 2010.

Bloomberg and other officials cite a reduced murder rate to claim that government disarmament of citizens reduces crime, an assertion at odds with reality.

Common sense – and crime stats not swept under the rug – tell the real story: criminals are naturally encouraged to rob, rape, terrorize and murder when they know their victims are disarmed and helpless.

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