During an interview with Stephen Colbert, Michael Moore admitted that he cries every day over President Trump and his policies.

Yes, really.

After calling on Democrats to be less “wimpy” and get angrier in opposing Trump, whom referred to as “the devil,” Moore acknowledged that reading news about how Trump is implementing his agenda literally causes daily blubbering fits.

“When you read the paper every day, you watch the news, do you ever cry? Do you ever tear up? Does this ever happen to you?” Moore asked Colbert.

Colbert responded that he did, before Moore admitted, “It happens to me now every day.”

The fact that Michael Moore literally cries over President Trump every day is likely to be met by Trump supporters with a mixture of glee and hilarity.

Moore, who in January said that America needed to be “cleansed” of its “white privilege,” appears to be a bit less bullish than in previous TV appearances.

In March last year, the far-left blowhard called on Democrats to declare a “national emergency,” claiming that President Trump and his staff are guilty of “espionage”.

In December 2016, before Trump was inaugurated, Moore told Seth Myers that “something crazy, something we’re not expecting” could happen to prevent Trump becoming president or that Trump could “quit” because he was “bummed out” by the amount of work required.

Two months after that, Moore cited claims that Trump had colluded with Russia to call for the president to be arrested and for Hillary Clinton to be installed in his place.

Despite supporting Bernie Sanders during the election campaign and criticizing Hillary Clinton for being a warmonger and a Goldman Sachs-owned career politician, Moore suddenly endorsed Hillary and has been a major driving force behind anti-Trump hysteria ever since.


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