March 20, 2013

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s CNN show on Tuesday night, filmmaker Michael Moore argued that because 200 million Americans have decided not to own firearms, the 100 million who do should have their access to the Second Amendment curtailed and made into criminals for owning weapons the government wants to ban.

“Take up the gun control thing. What can the American public, the majority of whom want an assault weapons ban, want a universal background check, et cetera. What can they do if their politicians are simply too cowardly to act on their behalf because of the power of the NRA?” Morgan asked.

Moore replied that politicians will have to be voted out of office before the Second Amendment can be destroyed. “And the politicians need to be reminded that there’s nearly five million members of the NRA and there’s 303 million Americans who are not members of the NRA. You know, Wayne says there’s 100 million Americans that own a gun. Well, there’s 200 million that don’t,” he said.

Moore then personalized the argument by creating a shooting situation with Harry Reid’s grandchildren. Reid, the Senate Majority leader, told Dianne Feinstein earlier this week that her radical effort to outlaw semiautomatic weapons would not be included in an anti-gun bill that will be introduced in the Senate in April.

“If a man with an assault weapon goes into the school where Harry Reid’s grandchildren go to school tomorrow and kills his grandchildren, what — would he stand in front of that microphone at 5:00 and say, I know how Dianne, you know, had to witness the mayor getting murdered and I just — my grandchildren just got killed today, but you know, we can’t get it passed because we just don’t have the votes,” Moore said.

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