Prophets of Rage, a supergroup featuring members of Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill and Public Enemy, have released a new music video titled “Unfuck the World.”

The video, directed by liberal propagandist Michael Moore, is a battle cry for SJWs across America to stand up against “racists”, “hatred” and mostly Donald Trump.

Moore said in a statement that he is, “thrilled to once again be working with my old friends and comrades in the struggle for a just world.”

Besides referring to the band members as his comrades, Moore also put clips of ANTIFA-style protesters with fully covered faces and concert attendees holding flags with hammer and sickle symbols that say, “Smash The Fascists.”

Of course Moore didn’t forget to promote his favorite domestic terror group Black Lives Matter as he tries to further divide America and encourage physical resistance against Donald Trump, who Moore says should be overthrown.

Lead guitarist Tom Morello is also a known Communist sympathizer who has praised Fidel Castro in the past and even visited Cuba with his band Audioslave.

Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson exposed Michael Moore as the hypocrite, commie that he is in a video that now has almost a million views.

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