Filmmaker and political activist Michael Moore says the people of Michigan should be held responsible for the water crisis in Flint and the federal government needs to take over the state.

Moore took to The Huffington Post—owned by the corporate leviathan AOL-Verizon—to make his case against the people of Michigan and denounce democracy.

“As a Michigan resident and voter, I think that the people who elected Governor Snyder must show some of that personal responsibility they’re always lecturing about to the poor. The majority of my fellow Michiganders wanted this kind of government (they elected him twice), so now they should have to pay for it,” he writes.

The average government besieged taxpayer in Michigan earns $49,847, below the national average. 44 percent of Michigan children live in poverty. Statewide, more than one out of every six people are living in poverty, a 17 percent increase from the previous 5-year period, according to the US Census Bureau. In some parts of the state median household income fell 60 percent over the last few years, due largely to collusion between government and large corporations to export the state’s industrial base to China.

These are the people Moore wants to punish for the failure of government.

Michigan has one of the highest state tax schemes in the country, an average of $6,902 per person. This is 22% higher than the national average.

Moore, of course, wants the rich to pay for the Flint water crisis. That’s 0.7% of the population. They paid 15% of the $7 billion income tax revenue collected by the state. Despite this, Michigan paid out $245 million more than it collected in 2012 to nearly one-third of state income tax filers, people who reported incomes of less than $16,000.

fema-money-pitIn addition to arresting Governor Snyder for manslaughter, Moore wants the federal government to take over the state. He wants to send in FEMA, one of the most corrupt, fraud-ridden, and wasteful agencies of the federal government. FEMA is a crony capitalist’s dream. It caters to the likes of Halliburton and Bechtel. Following Hurricane Katrina FEMA awarded no-bid contracts worth hundreds of billions of dollars to these transnational corporations. Does Moore really believe FEMA and Halliburton will serve the best interests of Michiganders?

Remarkably, Moore would task FEMA with moving “people into nearby white townships that are still hooked up to Lake Huron water.”

Let’s ignore Moore’s pandering racial politics and ask where he would house these folks. FEMA’s response after Katrina and other natural disasters was to put people in travel trailers and mobile homes provided by the agency. Doing so would compound the health issues of Flint residents. The trailers are notorious for poisoning people with hazardous levels of toxic formaldehyde gas. In 2012 a class-action lawsuit by 55,000 residents of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas awarded $42.6 million to the victims.

“We need the CDC,” Moore writes. “The EPA must take over the testing of the water, and the Army Corps of Engineers must be sent in to begin replacing the underground pipes. Like the levees in New Orleans, this will be a massive undertaking. If it is turned over to for-profit businesses, it will take a decade and cost billions. This needs to happen right now and Obama must be in charge.”

Pity the people of Michigan if the Army Corps of Engineers is tasked with rebuilding Flint’s water system. It is the primary culprit in the levee failure in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

“I feel obligated to note that the bureaucratic behemoth that is the Army Corps of Engineers is virtually unaccountable to the citizens it protects,” said US District Judge Stanwood Duval about the failure of the New Orleans flood wall. The Army Corps of Engineers was granted immunity and not held responsible for paying billions of dollars in damages caused by the flooding.

The EPA is in competition with FEMA as one of the most corrupt agencies of the federal government. “EPA bureaucrats faithfully protect their own people and preserve the government’s cesspool of manipulation, cover-ups, and cronyism,” writes Michelle Malkin.

Colorado’s Animas River was polluted with millions of gallons of dangerous toxic waste thanks to the EPA. Is this the sort of government agency Moore wants to handle Flint’s drinking water?

Michael Moore, as a tireless proponent of big government, would seriously complicate the health issues of Flint residents. Like most progressives he is unable to understand that government is the problem, not the solution.

Thus far corporations and the rich he criticizes—including billionaire Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores—have stepped in to help the people of Flint while Obama reacts to the public relations fiasco by declaring a federal emergency that is hampered by bureaucratic red tape (FEMA is hamstrung by the fact it can only dispense money to natural not manmade disasters). Federal emergency aid is capped at $5 million and it would take an act of Congress to change this, an effort that would take weeks if not months.

Moore’s ultimate goal is political—to remove Michigan’s Republican governor, conduct a show trial and foment a Democrat led “revolution.” He is unable or incapable of understanding that the problem in Flint has far less to do than with who sits in Lansing than the fact incompetent city and county governments are responsible for the crisis.

Flint’s water crisis “is not a blueprint for what would happen if libertarians abolished government and let poor people drink poisoned water, as some enemies of free markets are no doubt claiming. Instead, it’s a great example of government failing to efficiently provide even the most basic of public services due to a characteristically toxic combination of administrative bloat and financial mismanagement,” writes Robby Soave.

Finally, it should be noted that Flint is run by Democrats. Moore and his progressive partisans have shifted blame from the real culprits of the crisis to the governor. Rick Snyder made the mistake of appointing a Democrat manager to run the basket case city and now he is paying the price.

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