Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ campaign executed a monumental fail after an attempt to dazzle voters with star power.

In a new radio ad paid for by the Davis campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama talks about how a vote for Davis, an avid abortion supporter, would ludicrously “give kids a chance to build better lives.”

“On November 4th, you have a chance to make a real difference for our children by voting for Wendy Davis for Governor,” the First Lady says, in a statement which could be interpreted in more than one way.

“Now for Wendy, education is a top priority,” says Obama, “because she wants to give all our kids a chance to build a better life for themselves and for their families. That’s what the American dream is all about.”

Of course, Mrs. Obama’s 60-second ad spot fails to explain how Davis would “build a better life” for the countless children which have been or would be killed in line with her support of abortion, a macabre, and in many places legally-sanctioned, practice which amounts to little more than child murder.

Indeed, many will recall how Davis earned the nickname “Abortion Barbie” from her detractors after she conducted an hours-long filibuster in the Texas legislature in support of a pro-choice agenda, which advocates a “woman’s right” to kill babies so long as they are under a certain age.

Fortunately Davis’ ad will likely only be taken seriously by the most devout supporters of the radical left, a segment of the political landscape that is quickly losing steam under the weight of its numerous scandals.

Last February, for instance, a poll conducted by The Economist and Yougov.com revealed that 71 percent of Americans admitted feeling “regret” after voting for President Barack Obama in 2012, indicating “dissatisfaction with an incumbent president who has spent the last year defending his administration over leaks, scandals and Obamacare roll-outs,” according to the University of Cambridge’s William Jordan.

That abysmal poll was followed by another last August which found that support for the president among the American public was hovering near an all time low, following his decision to launch another military campaign in Iraq without seeking congressional approval.

Davis’ choice of celebrity is further puzzling given that the First Lady is mired in controversy stemming from her support of the Healthy Kids public school lunch initiative, which has prompted upheaval and stirred backlash from students and parents across the nation.

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