A Michigan elector responded to a video put out by a group of C-rate actors imploring members of the electoral college to not cast their vote for Donald Trump by reminding them that celebrities are not smarter than the American people.

The video itself, introduced by Martin Sheen, has failed miserably, receiving ten times the amount of ‘thumbs down’ compared to ‘thumbs up’ (before the ability to do so was removed altogether).

Fairbrother echoed the sentiment shared by other Republican electors, that the deluge of letters and emails from Hillary voters has been nothing but an irritant.

“Yesterday alone I received 250 letters urging me not to support Donald Trump. On a daily basis I receive over a thousand votes….it’s almost overwhelming sometimes,” added Fairbrother, noting that it hadn’t changed his resolve “to fully support Donald Trump”.

“Celebrities are not smarter than the American people, I don’t care how many celebrities think they are, they’re not smarter than the American people or the people of Michigan,” he emphasized.

Fairbrother reacted to the effort to sway electors, some of whom have received death threats, by founding ElectorsForTrump.com and urging Trump supporters to show solidarity with Republican electors.

As we reported earlier, another Republican elector, Alan Braun, vowed to reject the left’s collective temper tantrum and vote for Trump anyway, labeling the move an attempt to “overturn a fair and legal election”.

The effort is destined to fail – miserably. As we reported yesterday, the Associated Press directly contacted more than 330 Republican electors and found just one who said he wouldn’t cast his vote for Trump.

Even if enough electors were convinced not to vote for Trump, the choice would be tossed to the House of Representatives, which would pick Donald Trump anyway.

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz skewered journalists for even entertaining the notion that the electoral college vote is anything but a formality, accusing them of having developed “Trump derangement syndrome”.


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