Donna Anderson
May 31, 2013

All hail the Mickey Mouse police force! Photo: Sean MacEntee
A prank-gone-awry at Disneyland could cost a park employee six years in the California state prison, but at least the Mickey Mouse police force looks like heroes and a few thousand more Americans are living in fear.

Orange County prosecutors have charged 22-year-old Christian Barnes with possessing a destructive device. If convicted he’s looking at a maximum sentence of six years in state prison. Bail has been set at $500,000. And all because of a little prank.

On Tuesday, May 28, a small explosion occurred inside a trashcan at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Minutes later, a second mini-explosion occurred inside another trash can in Toontown.

Both mini-explosions were contained inside the trash cans, and both were the result of dry ice that had been placed inside water bottles.

Witnesses reportedly saw Barnes drop a water bottle into the second trash can and he’s been arrested and is in custody awaiting his first court appearance.

Neither trash can exploded and no one was hurt. Reports state that some visitors experienced a “ringing in the ears” but that’s to be expected given the fact that there were plenty of police around to incite fear and panic.

Barnes is cooperating in the investigation and his North Long Beach neighbors say, “This is a good family and a good neighborhood.”

It’s obvious the mini-explosions weren’t intended to cause any actual harm. Barnes could have stood behind a pillar and popped a paper bag and he probably would have elicited the same response. It was a prank, that’s all. Maybe not a great prank, but a prank nonetheless. The guy works a drink cart at Disneyland – he was probably just trying to have a little fun.

Yet Americans have been conditioned to react with fear and panic to the slightest provocation now and that’s just the way our tyrannical leaders want it. Fear breads chaos and it’s much easier to control the population if you’re the person who steps in, saves the day, and restores order. All hail the Mickey Mouse police force!

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