Rival migrants gangs are engaging in open warfare on the streets of Vienna, which has led to seven people being hospitalized and one left in serious condition.

On Saturday evening violence broke out in the Austrian capital between two rival migrant gangs who fought each other with knives and iron bars. Up to 50 young men were involved in the fighting which saw a gang of Afghan migrants attack a group of Chechens. Police spokesman Paul Eidenberger told Austrian paper Kronen Zeitung, “there were two attempted murders and five serious injuries,” in the aftermath of the violent brawl.

The Chechens were leaving a youth centre in Handelskai when they were attacked. A social worker who witnessed the entire brawl said that the Afghanis who attacked the Chechens outnumbered them five to one. The men were beaten viciously.

Some of the victims were stabbed in the abdomen leading to two victims being taken to hospital with life threatening injuries.

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