The multicultural insanity that has unleashed a wave of predatory sexual violence by migrant gangs in Europe has resulted in a lockdown for many women.

Police in the Austrian capital of Vienna are advising women not to leave their homes without male accompaniment. Authorities in Finland and Sweden on Friday also issued warnings to women.

The warnings were issued as reports revealed German and Austrian police are trying to cover up violent incidents and rape by Muslim gangs in order to prevent reprisal attacks and protect the tourism trade.

Reports across Europe on the extent of the rape epidemic are startling:

  • Sweden has told women to be aware of rape gangs after 15 women were raped in Kalmar
  • Police in Finland have evidence attacks are coordinated
  • 150 cases of rape are currently under investigation in five German cities
  • Cologne’s mayor has suggested a “code of conduct” for women, essentially imposing Sharia law for non-Muslim women

Europe experienced problems with Muslim immigrants prior to the latest wave of violence. A 2013 report indicated 100% of rapes in Norway were committed by “non-european immigrants.”

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