The number of rape attacks in the German region of Bavaria has increased by 48 per cent, and the number attributable to migrants has increased by 91 per cent.

Bavaria has seen a drastic rise in the number of rapes since 2016, with 685 cases being reported to police from January to July of this year — up 48 per cent.

Migrants accounted for 126 rapes in the same period, almost double the number of 2016, making migrants responsible for almost one in every five cases of rape, German newspaper Bild reports.

Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann, a member of the Christian Social Union (CSU) — which is allied with German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) — said the reasons for the increase were unclear. The Interior Minister said more focus was needed on looking into the statistics, vowing to “combat sexual offences even more specifically, even in asylum accommodations”.

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