Transgender migrants are being taught how to look more feminine while being held in an ICE detention unit dedicated specifically for housing transgender women, according to the agency.

Newly-released footage intended for media exposure showcases the specialized unit that features amenities like TVs, an outdoor recreational area, and a library as well as a medical staff “trained in [the] best practices for the care of transgender individuals.”

“This is the self-grooming class and the self-presentation class,” said a woman instructing a crowded room. “We’re going to learn about hair, makeup, and how to present yourself to the public so that your femininity is more apparent than just someone looking at you and questioning what your gender is.”

Watch the official ICE Footage Below:

Located in Milan, New Mexico, ICE added the dedicated transgender unit to the Cibola County Correctional Center in 2017.

The following are promotional tweets from ICE’s official Twitter:

Moreover, the transgender detainees are visited twice a week by a New Mexico-based legal aid organization reportedly not affiliated with the government to assist the asylum process by helping them prepare for their cases.

At a time when American cities are “overwhelmed” by the migrant surge made possible by weak laws and a border that has reached its “breaking point,” it’s no mystery why Twitter users slammed ICE’s decision to promote the facility.

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