A completely devastated holiday resort near Varde in Brøns, Denmark. That is, according landlord Alice Lauridsen, the result of her renting out her holiday cabins to about 100 asylum seekers through the Immigration Service.

“The mattresses have been jumped on and urinated on. Bonfires have been made on my carpets, so there are large burn marks and there’s pee in the corners. My big dining table is broken into pieces as firewood. Everything is torn completely apart, and only the lamps have survived,” she says to the Danish newspaper BT.

When Alice Lauridsen decided to rent out her holiday center, it seemed like a win-win situation, but it ended as a nightmare.

“I felt both, I did a good deed, and I would also be able to earn some money, and I felt comfortable with it, since I only rented out to families with children. But after only five days all the furniture were destroyed. Friends have told me that on weekends asylum seekers came from centers nearby and held huge parties. The living room was used as a cycling track and for roller skating.”

The windows were shattered so often that we had to put in plexiglass, so they did not go to pieces again.

The landlord has rented out the house for about five months, and she has figured out that the damages will cost her DKK 1.3 million to repair, while the Immigration Service estimates that it is about half a million.

Right now, she struggles to recover all the damages. But that’s not the worst thing in the whole process, she says.

“I have cried many tears over it. It has been painful that I have been forced to see that my house was destroyed without being able to do anything about it. For I could not prevent them from destroying the house said the Immigration Service. I should just be happy that I got new furniture when they left, they said.”

According to Alice Lauridsen it came so far that she had to demand that the Immigration Sevice paid the rent, and she threatened to shut off the power if they did not pay. But the rent were many days late into her account.

“I sat down one day and cried down at the asylum center and told them that it hurts that they destroyed my house, but the staff down there just did not care when I told that I could not find my six leather sofas, which it turned out they had destroyed and moved into their rooms,” she says.

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