A militant vegan chastised a woman then tried to publicly shame her on Twitter for the crime of buying a crying child a non-vegan ice cream.

Yes, really.

A Twitter user named Anthony Dagher tweeted the following message with a series of screenshots detailing what happened.

“I usually do not do this, but I feel like this is appropriate to post since this person is claiming to be a vegan even though she admitted to buying non-vegan ice cream for someone else, defended what she did when I spoke with her privately (hoping that would make her less likely to be defensive, though I should not have had to worry about that) about it even though I was respectful, and blocked me rather than admitting I was right and that she should not have bought the non-vegan ice cream for that child,” tweeted Dagher.

The screenshots he posted refer to a tweet by a 22-year-old vegan blogger, who commented, “Pulled up to my driveway to find a little girl crying, she didn’t have money for the ice cream van like her friends did so I gave her enough money to get herself a nice big ice cream with sauce, sprinkles and a flake. She was so happy (and soon had ice cream round her mouth).”

In private messages which he then published on Twitter, Dagher took the young woman to task, accusing her of “basically killing and harming non-human babies, which buying non-vegan ice cream basically does.”

“I bought a kid an ice cream it isn’t that deep fam,” the woman responded.

“It is that deep if the ice cream was non-vegan, which is obviously quite deep to any actual vegan and a severe mistake,” Dagher hit back.

“Mate, I’m vegan, my mum’s vegan, and my boyfriend is vegan. I’m not about to push the message onto a crying child. Lighten the fuck up,” the woman responded.


She then blocked Dagher, prompting him to make the messages public.

This story yet again underscores how veganism is a cult populated by control freaks who get off on lecturing others while grandstanding as being holier-than-thou.

While concerns over animal welfare and animal cruelty are perfectly acceptable as a lifestyle choice for vegetarians who wish to avoid meat, vegans just have to take everything one step too far.

Leave a comment below if you know of an example of vegan militancy that tops the one described in this article.


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