Carolyn Harris
December 31, 2008

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  Air Force General Victor E Renuart Jr.

The commander of NORTHCOM, Air Force General Victor E Renuart Jr., recently held a press conference regarding the deployment of troops in America. This new mission has made many in America not only concerned but worried and the General tried to dispel those fears.

Chairman of the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) was nonplussed because Congress not only had not been briefed but was concerned that the new homeland missions would complicate their job as “steward of the defense budget.” No mention was made about being upset that we now have troops on our streets, only that his job would be made harder.

General Renuart explained that the new task force is “designed” to respond to chemical, biolocal or nuclear attacks and is “not meant to authorize the federal government to enforce martial law.” Such a statement may placate some but note the language – troops on the ground do not authorize martial law, the President does. And the President has not only Public Laws (Military Commissions Act and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act) on the books but Executive Orders under which he can declare an “emergency” and initiate martial law. [Full list of all Executive Orders here/a>.]

The General told the press, “It is not a force designed to go in and enforce laws. The national guard is empowered to do that through the states. This force is designed to go and render assistance and aid, as opposed to create security.” This is the not what was clearly stated in the Army Times article. See here and here for additional information on deployment of troops under NORTHCOM and how the National Guard is being assimilated into the federal military.

Despite his platitudes to the press and assurances to Congress that it would not require significant new funding from Congress, it is clear that the new task force’s deployment in the homeland most certainly is here to restore order in the event of civil unrest due to “unforseen economic collapse.” Unforseen? They are clearly here to prepare for widespread dissent and food riots due to the economic collapse.

So, as has been seen lately around the nation, the troops are engaging in a psychological operation to get the public used to seeing them on the streets. Troops have recently assisted California Highway Patrol at roadblocks supposedly to catch drunk drivers, they have assisted with Border Patrol and in other capacities such as collecting toys for underprivilged children for Christmas. The impression that citizens are supposed to have is “that military are here to help us!” Unfortunately as Alex Jones has said many times on air, this is part of a larger public relations effort before 20,000 troops are here under NORTHCOM.

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That the military would feel the need to backpeddle, despite the fact that the reports in mainstream mediahave pushed the approved talking points, shows that they monitor the alternative media and what information is being provided to warn the populace on this issue. It also shows their concern about the increasing number of people who are not comfortable seeing military in full battle gear in their town, as well as the groundswell of people who are buying out the gun shops around the nation.

The military brass are clearly concerned about how the homeland missions are being perceived and that their public relations campaign is not going as well as planned. Look for major incidents in the near future to justify their presence.

Many in law enforcement and the military are deeply patriotic and are not aware of why they are being federalized, much less that it is universal and that they are becoming part of the control grid. One thing that patriots can do to educate the military that you know or happen to see is to give this incredibly powerful document: Operation Vampire Killer (.pdf). It is written by police for police and military and educates them not only about the New World Order, but exhorts them to think deeply about whether or not they will obey the command if and when they are told to disarm or fire upon fellow Americans.

If the police and military refuse to disarm Americans and refuse to fire upon us, the New World Order plan for America is greatly hampered. We must be bold and fearless and get this into the hands of those who have the decision to make.

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