Thousands of protesters are expected to take to the streets today in over 670 cities across the world wearing Guy Fawkes masks, as part of the anti-establishment Million Mask March.

The march, organised by Anonymous, the “hacktivist” group linked to cyber-attacks against governments, multi-national corporations such as Visa, the Church of Scientology and the BNP, is expected to be the group’s largest since the so-called, “Anonymous Army” began its rallies four years ago.

According the march’s London Facebook page, the protests are an attack against the “encroaching destruction of many civil liberties”, the creation of a “surveillance state” and the “government’s disregard for migrants, for the poor, the elderly and the Disabled”.

The group have used the Guy Fawkes mask, made famous by the film and graphic novel V for Vendetta, since 2008 as a symbol of their anonymity and are infamous for using social media as a tool to vocalise their agenda.

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