What’s your preference when making purchases? Do you still swipe a card? Do you prefer to pay with an app on your phone? Or are you one of those brave trendsetters trying to make a go of it by using bitcoin for day-to-day purchases?

It’s a changing world, and an increasingly digital one. Money often seems to be embodied more by the brisk transfer of electronic signals than by the anonymous exchange of paper notes and metal coins. Denmark actually plans to shut down the printing presses (the physical ones—don’t expect the money supply to suffer any restrictions) and some economists think everybody else should follow suit.

Who uses the stuff anymore, anyway? Right?

Well, except for that vast chunk of the population that actually prefers cash as the primary—or even exclusive—means of exchange. Many Americans happily and quietly avoid banks and trendy purchasing choices in favor of old-fashioned paper money. Lots of business gets done that way, though nobody knows just how much—which may be the whole point.

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