Feds use social networks, Lady Gaga to sell unpopular healthcare program

Kurt Nimmo
January 2, 2014

Poll after poll indicate young people are disillusioned with Obamacare. In early December, a Harvard University Institute of Politics poll found that 56% of Americans between the ages of 18 to 29 reject Obamacare, compared to a meager 39% who support the law. Moreover, so-called millennial respondents believe the law will degrade the quality of health care and significantly raise prices.

“We’re now seeing a sea change among this critical demographic,” Trey Grayson, the director of the institute, told Time magazine. “You’re seeing cracks in his base.”

The government says the failure of the young demographic to purchase “Brosurance” through federally run marketplaces will spell doom for the program.

In response to this dwindling support, the Obama administration is spending millions of tax payer dollars on “racy ads, social media campaigns and celebrity endorsements” including Lady Gaga to convince so-called “young invincibles” to sign-up, according to the Associated Press. Obama is even asking the mothers of young people to urge them to sign-up. “Moms can tell young people who think they’re invincible that they’re not and prod them to at least get information,” Obama recently told a group of mothers visiting the White House.

In the District of Columbia, officials recruited residents to convince young people to enroll in the problem-plagued program by showing up where they “party by night and shop by day,” according to Fox News. Officials went to two Footlocker stores where Nike’s exclusive Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” sneakers were on sale. “Get some health care to go along with them taxis, OK?” said DC Health Links representative Vanessa Brooks. Obamacare hucksters also visited two Denny’s restaurants, according to Fox.

In December, Caroline Baum, writing for Bloomberg, said the government needs to take a carrot and a stick approach. “Instead of outreach programs and sappy TV ads with parents imploring their kids to sign up for Obamacare, President Barack Obama needs to start thinking creatively if he wants his signature legislative achievement to be a success. What motivates kids? In fact, what motivates any of us?”

Her answer? Apple iPhones, iPads and bags of weed. “In states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use — Colorado and Washington — by all means, throw in a bag of cannabis,” she wrote last month. Baum also suggests that the penalty for not buying government mandated healthcare is not punitive enough. She writes that “if the point is to create an onrush of enrollees at the start, the penalty rate is cheaper for many young, healthy individuals than the premium cost of a health-care policy.”

Short of imposing excessive fines and imprisonment, the federal government will have a difficult time selling Obamacare. The government is once again ignoring a simple economic principle: minus punishment and physical violence, people will not buy products they do not want or need and believe will negatively affect them. In order to force compliance, the feds will have to activate the IRS or some other thuggish government agency and strike fear into the hearts of not only millennials, but all Americans regardless of age.

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