On Monday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke wrote a scathing editorial for The Hill characterizing deadly attacks on police officers as guerrilla urban warfare.

“The murders in Baton Rouge, and before them Dallas, were not acts of domestic terrorism but guerrilla urban warfare against the police—who represent law and order—against the Constitution, and against the American way. The police, the men and women whom I as the Sheriff of Milwaukee County ask to put their lives on the line, are on the front lines of this war,” Clarke wrote.

He said the domestic terror and lone wolf narrative is “wordsmithing” and Black Lives Matter (BLM) and “revolutionary Marxists” are specifically targeting police. BLM, Clarke argued, shares with Occupy Wall Street and the Islamic State and desire “take down the West, the philosophy of equality before the law, and replace it with their authority, their rules, their hate.”

“The targeting of police for hate and for murder is by Black Lives Matter and their accomplices are, in actuality, the targeting is our rule of law. Groups like Black Lives Matter, blessed by the progressive left and most recently our own President Obama, need to be exposed and condemned for their true aims: revolution.”

He accused Obama of enabling violent revolutionaries by refusing to denounce the group and its objectives. Moreover, according to Clarke, Obama, and the Democrats are exploiting BLM for political gain.

“He has invited those who speak hate against our rule of law and police officers, in some cases the only element that stands between the violence-plagued communities and their utter destruction, into his fold. The Democrats and their leaders have made their choice known to the American people: utter capitulation,” he wrote.

Infowars has documented the violent rhetoric of BLM, the New Black Panthers, and other groups that share their racist ideology:

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