If the president thinks guns and self defense are so much of a problem, he should give up his security detail, challenges the vocal Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

The outspoken sheriff criticized the Obama administration and Democrats for “exploiting [the] misery and tragedy” of the recent Virginia shooting for the political aim of suppressing the right to self defense.

“I am done asking people in my community to outsource their personal safety to the government,” Sheriff Clarke told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday.

The sheriff called the administration out on their rush to demonize the Second Amendment, issuing a challenge for Obama to relieve himself and his family of their Secret Service detail as he wants to strip others of the right to self defense.

“But here’s my challenge to the president of the United States, you think this is so easy. Forego your Secret Service protection, for you, for the first lady, and your children, and see what it is like to have to fend yourself.

“And then we’ll sit down and have a conversation so you know what we here at ground level have to deal with on a daily base in terms of self-defense.”

Following Wednesday morning’s shooting in Roanoke, anti-gun liberals and politicians alike, including President Obama, seized on the event to push for even stricter gun control.

Sheriff Clarke outlined solutions to prevent future similar tragedies, including better background checks in light of the fact that the shooter, Vester Flanagan, had legally obtained his firearm.

But government, the sheriff said, must ignore the knee-jerk reaction to curtail the Constitution.

“Well, look, Sean, as you know, terrible things happen in this world from time to time. We have to be a little more humble about our ability to prevent every horrific situation from happening.

“There are certain things we can do to reduce and prevent these sorts of things. Not messing with this document (the Constitution), no. But we can do things like better mental health screening, better background checks.

“The FBI allowed a guy to purchase a handgun that went down, we understand it, and committed a horrific act recently (in Charleston). So if we’re trying to make this absolute, that none of these things will ever happen again, we’re working on the wrong thing, because unfortunately the world we live in, with the evil that exists, it’s going to happen.”

The Milwaukee county sheriff made waves on the political scene in 2013 after he began urging residents of his county to consider arming themselves because of “a duty to protect yourself and your family.”

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