An Alaskan group that claims a copper mine there will create 15,000 jobs and produce $64 billion worth of minerals sued the Environmental Protection Agency, claiming it held secret meetings with mine opponents and is withholding documents about it.

The Pebble Limited Partnership sued the U.S. EPA on Oct. 14 in Federal Court. It claims the EPA responded inadequately to a Freedom of Information Act request aimed at finding collusion between the agency and environmental organizations.

The Anchorage-based miners claim there is an “ongoing effort of EPA to pre-judge and block PLP’s Pebble Mine project in Alaska.”

The Pebble Mine deposit is believed to hold tremendous amounts of low-grade copper, gold and molybdenum.

The mining group claims the EPA responded to its FOIA request with “an inadequate search for responsive documents,” excessive redactions in documents it did release, and improper withholding of documents.

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