Anthony Allen
Cop Block
March 4, 2014

Gulfport, Mississippi Police Sergent told me to thank the officer that stole my car that my friend was using to transport his wife to the hospital.

My friend did indeed have a suspended license and this was no secret, but his wife was driving the car at first and felt ill, seeing double, and was unsafe to drive due to a major migraine headache. Officer Fore Badge number 136 of the Gulfport Police Department earlier told me that he was going to tow my car even though I arrived on scene prior to the wrecker getting there. My car was stolen by Gulfport Police and Unique Towing in Gulfport. No tickets were issued and no charges were filed but it cost me $205 to get my Crown Vic out. My car was searched and ransacked as well as damaged. (Yes, I know it was only the armrest of a 27 year old car, but that’s not the point.)

This is the audio file when I walked in to the police department and tried to have Officer Fore arrested for entering my car unlawfully and for being unprofessional.

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