9.12 Project Hattiesburg
November 12, 2009

Editor’s note: From Sheriff Richard Mack’s website: “Hi, I’m Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and long-time crusader for freedom and individual rights. Right now, it is vital that we restore the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. The greatest threat we face today is not terrorists; it is our own federal government. If America is conquered or ruined it will be from within, not a foreign enemy.” More than anything, no doubt, Mack was canceled due to his association with the Oath Keepers.

It’s hard to believe that after booking Sheriff Richard Mack to speak at the upcoming Mississippi Sheriff’s Association Conference in Tunica on Thursday, December 10 at 8:00 a.m., they contacted me to cancel his engagement to speak!

I had contacted Sheriff Mack and was successful in booking him to speak to our 912 Project Hattiesburg group on Tuesday, December 8 and also to address the Gulf Coast 912 Group on Monday, December 7.  When I learned through Forrest County Sheriff, Billy Magee, following a Preparedness Meeting on October 27, that all the Mississippi Sheriffs would be gone December 7 to 11 to attend the Mississippi Sheriff’s Association convention in Tunica and would not be able to attend either event, I was asked to consider rescheduling both events so that our Mississippi Sheriffs could attend. The events were largely scheduled with plans to invite the Sheriffs and Deputies to attend as our special guests.

Another idea occurred to me later that night and that was to see if I could get him booked at that convention to address all of our Sheriffs at one time.  I found the website for the Mississippi Sheriff’s Association, www.mssheriff.org, and also information about their upcoming convention. Upon finding a listing of the Executive Committee, I sent an email to the President, Sheriff Willie March of Holmes County, to tell him of the availability of Sheriff Mack to speak at their convention while in Mississippi the same week.

I called Sheriff March the next morning and he asked me to resend the email to his personal email account, which I did. He told me that he had seen some information on Sheriff Mack’s book recently, ‘The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope’ and that he would check the agenda for the conference and get back with me. I then checked with Sheriff Mack to make sure he was available and he confirmed that either Wednesday or Thursday that week would be fine. I wrote Sheriff March to let him know that Sheriff Mack would be available on those dates and that he would love to address the Mississippi Sheriffs at the convention.

When I followed up with Sheriff March on Friday, October 30, he still didn’t have an answer, but asked me to call back the following Monday. On Monday, November 2, while waiting for Sheriff March to call me back, I contacted Lamar County (West Hattiesburg) Sheriff, Danny Rigel, 2nd Vice President of the Mississippi Sheriff’s Association. Sheriff Rigel advised me that he would support him speaking and told me that Sheriff Pace’s office in Warren County (Vicksburg) should be in charge of the agenda. I sent an email to Sheriff Pace that afternoon and called to follow up, but the person in charge of the agenda was not in.

On Tuesday morning, November 3, I received a call from Stacie Rutland in Hinds County to confirm Sheriff Mack on the agenda for the convention. He had been placed on the agenda to speak from 8:00 a.m. to 8:50 a.m. No fees were discussed and Sheriff Mack said he was not concerned about the fees, but would be honored to speak to our sheriffs. I then confirmed this with Sheriff Mack.

On Thursday, November 5, I received the following message in an email from Sheriff Willie March:

I recommend that you contact Sheriff Billy Magee of Forrest County to introduce Sheriff Richard Mack.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Sheriff Willie March

I forwarded that email to Stacie Rutland and thanked her for placing Sheriff Mack on the agenda.

That night around midnight I sent out a Press Release to around 150 news media contacts to announce Sheriff Mack’s 3-stop tour through Mississippi in December.

[efoods]The next morning, Friday, November 6, I received a call from Stacie Rutland at around 9:30 a.m. She told me that she was calling to cancel Sheriff Mack’s speaking engagement at the Mississippi Sheriff’s Convention. I politely asked what the reason was and she stated that she had gotten a phone call from a Sheriff who told her ‘We can’t have that kind of speaker at our convention.’ I asked her to elaborate to give me something more to relay to Sheriff Mack. She said that was all that she could tell me, that she was just doing what she was told and added that he was welcome to get a room at the conference hotel, but that he would not be speaking at the convention. She then sent me an email with the following message:

…per our conversation on 11/6/2009, this e-mail is to confirm the cancelation of Sheriff Richard Mack speaking on Thurs., December 10, 2009 at the MS Sheriff’s Winter Conf.


Stacie Rutland

I then called Sheriff March to find out what had changed from the day before when he sent me an email to recommend that Sheriff Magee introduce Sheriff Mack. He told me that the schedule was full. I questioned why it was suddenly full when they had placed him at 8 a.m. which was open according to their website. He just repeated that it was full. I asked him about Stacie Rutland’s statement that they ‘couldn’t have that kind of speaker at their convention’ and he just repeated that the schedule was full.

I later received an email from Sheriff March with the following message:

Sorry for the message on yesterday.  Today I got a call informing me that Sheriff Mack is longer wanted to speak at the convention.

Thank You,

Sheriff Willie March

Holmes County, MS

I then relayed the news to Sheriff Mack as it had been presented to me and he graciously stated that he would stand by for any additional updates.

I wrote Sheriff March once more to ask how one phone call could remove Sheriff Mack from the agenda since the office of Sheriff is sovereign according to the website for the National Sheriff’s Association website at http://www.sheriffs.org/about/OfficeofSheriff.asp and does not have to answer to another department, but only to the voters who elect them and that as President of the Mississippi Sheriff’s Association he did not cite that a vote of the Executive Committee had taken place to concur that Sheriff Mack should not be allowed to address our Sheriffs and that he should be removed from the schedule.

I did not receive a response as of this date, Tuesday, November 10.

* * * * *

Sheriff Mack fought a legal battle with the federal government to defend the office of Sheriff and to protect the state’s sovereignty from the federal government’s regulations in fighting the Brady Bill and after three long years, he won what is considered the most important decision for state’s rights in recent history in the Supreme Court!

The cancellation of this champion of freedom by our Mississippi Sheriff’s Association is not indicative of a lack of support from all sheriffs in our state as many, if not most of our Sheriffs hold him in high regard. Forrest County Sheriff Billy Magee was one of six Sheriff’s nationwide who joined in the suit against the federal government with Sheriff Mack and like many Sheriffs across the nation, including Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona, is appreciative of Sheriff Mack’s stand for freedom and service to the people who elect them and who they proudly serve.

If the governing body of the Mississippi Sheriff’s Association does not welcome and accept an opportunity for Sheriff Richard Mack to address them (at no cost to them) during these troubled and unstable times that our country is facing, then we have a problem here in our state and the need is greater than ever to get this message to those who want to hear the truth about our Constitution and the legitimate powers and responsibilities associated with this important office.

If the Sheriffs of Mississippi are interested in hearing the important message that Sheriff Mack has for them, they can contact the Mississippi Sheriff’s Association to ask that he be placed back on the schedule.  If their request is not granted, they can make alternate arrangements for him to speak at a separate venue in Tunica while they are in town for the Sheriff’s Convention. I would not foresee a problem as long as they were to schedule him to speak during a time that is open on the conference agenda.

The last thing we need to happen in Mississippi is for the voice of freedom to be silenced in our state. I hope that our Sheriff’s will rise to the occasion and put politics aside so that they can benefit from the knowledge and experience of Sheriff Mack.

At present, Sheriff Mack is scheduled to address the Gulf Coast 912 Group on Monday, December 7 at 6:30 p.m. The event will be held at the Gulf Coast Coliseum Convention Center. Tickets can be purchased at www.CitizenLiberty.com.

He will also address our group, the 912 Project Hattiesburg, on Tuesday, December 8 at 6:30 p.m. The event will be held at the Thad Cochran Center at USM. Tickets can be purchased online at www.912ProjectHattiesburg.com / EVENTS / 12.8 Sheriff Mack or by calling the Southern Miss Ticket Office at 601.266.5418 or at the Southern Miss Ticket Office on West 4th Street West of Hwy 49, the Pat Ferlise Center. Tickets for both events are $10 in advance or $20 at the door.

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