Aaron Dykes
December 25, 2010

National Guard and common criminals, working together under emergency powers.Even the best of soldiers have been known to stray under the stress of battle; no one is proud of the fact that rapes, murders, looting and pillaging have all taken place in wartime scenarios. Moreover, things broke down in the United States during Hurricane Katrina and have under other crises as well. Police officers broke down to the point of killing innocent civilians who tried to walk across a freeway. Guns were confiscated; civil rights were violated.

So what could go wrong with the Missouri National Guard’s proposal to utilize inmates as part of their disaster response?

The Associated Press reports that “Inmates would become a more formalized part of the Guard’s disaster response.” Missouri Guard Maj. Tammy Spicer “said it would give the Guard a larger and better trained pool of workers to respond to emergencies.”

The AP further reports, “In 2008, nearly 150 inmates from prisons across the state were among those fortifying levees near the Mississippi River in northeastern Missouri. And in 2007, prison inmates and the National Guard worked to protect a water treatment plant, schools and an ethanol plant from floodwater near Craig.”

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Although the National Guard says that no violent offenders would be considered, it seems unwise to tap inmates at all during chaotic scenarios. If the potential for abuse already exists in the body of National Guard, police and military personnel, how could prisoners, no matter how well supervised, be trusted to serve in such circumstances?

The larger and more alarming trend is towards martial law, and the well-laid plan to takeover states with a Federally-funded police state grid under the guise of emergencies. People have always dealt with disasters one way or another for hundreds of years; why, then has a top-down military approach become necessary to deal with hurricanes and other emergencies? And why would criminals fit into that command structure?

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Missouri is home to the now infamous MIAC report that demonizes Constitutionalists, Ron Paul and other 3rd Party supporters and beyond as “domestic extremists” who should be monitored. Missouri was among the first states to implement “Homeland Responses Forces” comprised of roaming National Guard units. Now Missouri will lead the way in using prisoners under martial law emergencies proposed by the RAND Corp. and others.

Posse Comitatus has only been the first casualty in a war on American society. If a Stalinist-esque takeover is underway, why not hire the criminals to be our protectors? It’s only fitting.

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