One police department in Missouri is adding a familiar motto to their vehicles. They have added the words, “In God we trust.”

The Stone County Sheriff’s Office posted this message to Facebook:

“I am proud to announce that all of the Stone County Sheriff’s Office Patrol vehicles now have “In God we trust” on the back. This became our National Motto in 1956 and is on all of our currency. There has been no better time than now to proudly display our National Motto!”

Not everyone is pleased with the new message on the vehicles.  Nathan Belden writes:

“Very simple and ill state for the record, I’m not offended that these decals exist, IT’S INAPPROPRIATE TO HAVE THEM ON GOVERNMENT PROPERTY. No voting required, it’s a violation of church and state. You are showing preference to a religion, how is this such a mystery? Any individual, for profit, non profit or any other organization can do as they please. Not a sheriff in any county can decide with or without approval (they don’t have the authority either) to do this.”

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