Jolly old St. Nick, the fat, white-bearded purveyor of gifts for those who celebrate Christmas, needs a gender makeover, according to answers on a recent survey.

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The question was posed in a poll from logo company GraphicSprings, asking how best to update Kris Kringle for the modern age.

Over 70 percent of respondents in the U.S. and U.K. said Santa should stay male, but a whopping 28 percent answered they’d like to see a female (11%) or gender-neutral (17%) Santa.

The issue of a gender-less Santa was mostly met with hostility online, with some pointing out the holiday figure has historically always been male.

“This is ridiculous. Santa is literally based on a MALE Saint that secretly gave gifts. Are we going to rebrand Princess Diana to Prince Dan just because? Y’all just got to stop. Seriously,” one person wrote on ABC affiliate KVUE’s Facebook.

“WTF people?! Santa is not gender neutral, nor should he be!!!” another person stated. “There is Santa, and then there is his wife, Mrs. Claus. People get offended by everything these days!”

“Sick of the obsession with gender. Sick of it,” said another person.

The top voted comment on KVUE’s Facebook post was a joke pointing out how ridiculous “snowflake” culture has become.

Other questions from the survey asked if a modern Santa should have dreadlocks, tattoos, an iPhone, drive an electric car or wear skinny jeans.

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