Saman Mohammadi
January 15, 2012

Dollar is not gold. Dollar is God.

And wherever there is God, there is also a class of priests who are ready to sacrifice the people’s lives and money in rituals and wars to prop up the God that they believe in.

In America, the class of priests who are tasked with defending the Almighty Dollar sit on the boards of the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) and the Federal Reserve. Eric deCarbonnel of the website Market Skeptics broke down the wall that has been built around the shadowy ESF in this content-driven, research-based, highly-informative, politically explosive, and intellectually provocative five-part video. Is it a slam dunk case for charges of conspiracy and treason against the ESF? I would say so.

Great Sins have been committed by the self-serving shadow magicians in the ESF and Federal Reserve to prop up the Dollar System. Although, they may not seem themselves as self-serving. They view it as their role to do everything necessary to ensure that the Dollar remains the world reserve currency. As Jim Willie wrote in his article on January 11, 2012, “Events in the last decade displayed a vigorous effort to defend the U.S. Dollar.”

The tricky part is that the Dollar can’t be defended without utilizing the forces of the Dark Side. Dick Cheney understood this, and took action to defend the Dollar. The Dark Side of Barack Obama is also showing through. It seems Satan’s services are going down well with the servants in the White House.

And make no doubt, the Dollar was coming under attack, and still is. That’s because the Dollar is an endangered species.

Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan challenged the Dollar’s supremacy at the start of the new millennium in ways that any self-respecting empire had to respond to.

The American Empire responded with war.

Saddam, who was brought into power by the priests of the Dollar, said farewell to the Dollar in 2000 and switched to Euros for its oil sales. Bold move? Yes. But, as he came to find out soon enough, it was not as bold as 9/11. The Empire told Saddam: “You’re going to switch to Euros? Fine. Good luck. We’ll switch to Terror and War. Try to beat that.”

The secret guardians of the American Empire could not sit and watch a former stooge upstage them on the world map. It was a slap in the face.

Saddam wanted to play David to America’s Goliath, but that role was already taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 when it declared the Almighty Dollar the Great Satan.

Saddam tried to double cross the Great Satan, and sought a place in the Sun. These are unforgivable sins in the Dollar-centric universe because 1) Satan does not like to be upstaged and double crossed, and 2)the Dollar is the Sun in the current world order. A tiny tyrant cannot outshine the Sun! That’s crazy. Bought-off tyrants in the Middle East are told that if they stand in the shade of the American Sun like good little slaves then they can do as they like with their people.

Saddam got sick of the Great Satan’s shade. He wanted a little sun.

But only the priests of the Dollar choose who is to be given a place in the Middle Eastern Sun, no one else. Any nation or man that fails to recognize this political reality is reminded of it very quickly. If blood must rain upon every nation of the region to ensure that the Dollar remains the Sun King, then the Mayan priests in Washington will make sure that blood rains and Dollar sunshine comes again.

The Empire also could not allow a rag-tag group of holy men from the villages of Afghanistan to upset the international apple cart after having been saved by the Dollar from the malicious and evil Soviet Union in the 1980s. “Those ungrateful bastards must be taught a lesson,” thought the Empire.

What did the Taliban do exactly? In February 2001, the United Nations announced that the Taliban terminated opium production, which was a clear attack against the Dollar because its very survival depends on drug money. Most of the opium in the international drug market is shipped and sold to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, directly and indirectly, by the U.S. military and CIA.

The black money from drug sales funds CIA black budgets, and secret government programs. Afghan heroin also doubles as a weapon to bring down nations by corrupting its officials and officers with drug money and wasting the youth. It is not an accident that Iran, the Dollar’s main strategic enemy in the Middle East, has the world’s largest percentage of heroin addicts. As Willie says, Iran has been “subjected to an influx of heroin from the north, where the U.S. Military manages the Afghan situation and locale.”

Propping up the endangered Dollar cannot be done without deceiving the American people about the basic reality of the world. The banking priests in Washington have to conceal the bleak state of the Almighty Dollar, or else mass panic will ensue and the American people will proceed to topple them from their bloody seats of power.

What we are seeing unfold by the day in Washington D.C. is a tragicomedy play that comes from the clever and mighty pen of Satan. Politicians have to pretend to a brainwashed and brain-dead nation like Mayan priests that everything is alright when in reality the world around them is burning and collapsing.

I’m not surprised Obama’s hair is turning gray by the day. I’m surprised his hair is not on fire already. Any minute, the freak show in Congress and the White House could turn into the freak-out show.

II. The Death of The Dollar, And The Birth of A One World Currency

In 2001, innocent souls were sacrificed and a criminal war of terror was started to keep the Dollar the supreme being in the monetary universe. The Evil Empire declared on September 11, 2001, with a symbolic act of state terror and human sacrifice:


President Bush gave his Sermon on the Mount speech when he said“You’re either with us, or you’re with the Enemy.” That was Satan’s bargain.

And the world has chosen what side it wants to be on in the 21st century. It turns out that 99.9% of humanity wants to be with the Enemy, rather than suffer as slaves under the tyranny of the Dark Sun aka the Almighty Dollar.

But it won’t be war that will kill the Dollar. Leave that to the neocon serpents, financial priests, and traitors in Washington, who are bringing about these false, criminal, and destructive wars in order to destroy the Dollar. Their real motive is not to defend the Dollar, but to sacrifice it.

It is treason that is killing the Dollar, not war and debt.

The Death of the Dollar will be a spiritual and religious event more so than an economic and political event. This world-changing event will reveal to 9/11 truth deniers and conspiracy deniers in general that America is not a sovereign nation, but a lost nation under occupation by global bankers.

The corrupt bankers at the Federal Reserve are the gatekeepers of the Dollar’s secrets, which puts them in the best position to play the role of Judas and ultimately betray the Dollar.

But the stab in America’s back will not happen once in the heat of the night, or 23 times as in Caesar’s case. America is a victim of a grand betrayal that is far more calculated, sinister, cunning, and ruthless.

America has already been stabbed in the back by traitors within Washington. And not just once, but many times throughout the last hundred years. The wounds are there, and they are still open. America was stabbed in the back in 1913 by the Federal Reserve conspirators half a century before the CIA assassination of JFK and almost a century before the false flag 9/11 attacks. Those acts of betrayal weren’t just little stabs in the back, they were gun shots to the head and knives through the heart.

America died a long time ago, but the Dollar is still alive and dominant because of the productivity and sacrifices of the American people.

But a nation and a community can’t make sacrifices to a dying God forever. Eventually, a new God will rise and take the place of the old one.

The shadow sorcerers at the traitorous Federal Reserve claim that they are nursing the Dollar, but their method of treatment is the very same weapon that will cause the Dollar’s Downfall: limitless money printing.

International banking priests are engineering the demise of the Dollar, America’s God, in order to replace it with a new Global God in the form of a One World Currency. And they intend to stay in power behind the scenes and watch over the violent birth of their new creation.

The New World Currency will be the Dollar’s Son. It will be introduced by the criminal banksters and their minions as the Jesus Christ of currencies: the Saviour of a World suffering from a global economic collapse, indiscriminate violence, and widespread political chaos. It’s rise to world reserve status will be hailed by the snakes in the global mainstream media as the beginning of a new global monetary regime.

And if the forces of the Dark Side continue to have their way with the world, the new God of this World will be the same as the old God. They call for a new world order but they don’t really want a new world order. They just want to see the old order of tyranny and deception in a new dress.

Saman Mohammadi is the writer and editor at The Excavator Blog

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