October 14, 2010


Once again, Infowars search terms have blitzed Google Trends. During the Moneybomb show today, Alex Jones announced search terms “infowars moneybomb” and “alex jones” in order to send the message out far and wide that we are holding a moneybomb event to take the infowar to the next crucial level.

Three hours ago, “alex jones” skyrocketed to a “volcanic” position on the Google Trends chart. Related search terms — “infowars,” “infowars money bomb,” and infowars moneybomb” — also ranked high.

Using Google’s technology to drive traffic to and the Moneybomb site will help us extend our reach and awaken more people and reach critical mass.

Part of this effort is a dynamic social network, now under construction, that will provide a forum and a virtual meetup for activists and kindred spirits. In addition, Alex Jones plans to construct a new media studio and offices that require cameras, lighting, switchers, computers, office equipment, and staff in order to become operational. Alex Jones and crew plan to produce and deliver multiple programs every week and reach even more people and arm them with the vital information needed to confront the global crime syndicate as it imposes a sinister eugenics endgame on humanity.

Thanks to all who have made the extra effort to push our search terms to the top of Google Trends and provide more exposure for our effort to expand the infowar.

Please donate to the Moneybomb.

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