Stage performing monkey helps take a bite out of crime
June 21, 2013

In a scenario that might send people rushing their local exotic pet shop, an unsuspecting Texas police officer was assaulted by the most unlikely of aggressors after administering a speeding ticket to a motorist.

Aransas Pass, TX rookie officer Keith Moore captured the incident on a camera mounted to his sunglasses.

After reaching into the vehicle to ask the driver for his signature, he pulled back swiftly and in surprise after a monkey jumped out of the back seat and bit his hand.

“A monkey bit me,” officer Keith told his sergeant upon returning to his squad vehicle. “His monkey attacked me… He had a monkey and it bit my hand.”

King5 reported the officer sustained only a minor scratch and that the primate in question was actually a traveling performer who apparently didn’t take too kindly to revenue generating public servants violating due process laws.

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