Condé Nast, one of the biggest media conglomerates on the planet, has recently been linked to a major propaganda ploy by Monsanto to increase public morale surrounding genetically-modified organisms and toxic pesticides.

Internal documents published on the website Gawker shows that Monsanto is attempting to team up with Condé Nast, the publishing house that distributes Vogue, Bon Appétit, and Epicurious, to recruit well-known celebrity chefs as a vehicle through which they can share their message about their potentially-dangerous GMO products. Not only that, Monsanto is trying to get nonprofit organizations in on the game, using them as a tool for spreading their message of sustainable agriculture. GMO agriculture, however, is anything but sustainable, and no research studies have confirmed their long-term safety to human health.

Nonprofits are going to be payed by both Monsanto and Condé Nast to promote their frakenfood propaganda agenda. Keep in mind that the combined annual revenue of both corporations range in the several billions. Money has a powerful way of swaying the opinion and message of companies—including nonprofits—many of whom have a core desire to help others. This agenda must receive further scrutiny by the media, the government, and the public. Fortunately, you have a voice! You can let your concerns be known about Monsanto’s mission to spread misinformation and bad science. Click here to be taken to the Organic Consumers Association where you will be able to learn more about this new movement by Monsanto and will also be able to take action by contacting the CEO of Condé Nast. The more momentum we have against not supporting these ill-informed actions the more power we have in stopping them from continuing.

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