Anne Sewell
Digital Journal
November 23, 2012

If their requests are approved by outgoing president Felipe Calderón, Monsanto Co. and DuPont will be planting 2,500,000 hectares (more than 6 million acres) of transgenic or GM maize in the heartland of Mexico.

According to ETC Group, the consequences will be devastating for the heart of the center of origin and diversity for maize, and also globally.

Mexico is considered to be the global repository of maize genetic diversity, as scientists have identified thousands of peasant varieties of maize. Should Monsanto’s applications be approved, this would mark the world’s first commercial-scale planting of GM varieties of a major food group, in it’s center of origin.

Basically this would wipe out all biodiversity, and all the various local varieties of maize, developed over around 7,000 years.

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